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Knife Know-It-All provides detailed, in-depth knife reviews. We put each blade we purchase through real testing, including sharpness and edge retention testing, disassembly, and an honest opinion.

We also write how-to guides for sharpening and maintaining your favorite blades, and technical guides discussing knife steels, comparisons, and other data.

Knife Know-It-All is a one-man show supported by readers like you. To keep the lights on and the blade reviews going, we partner with affiliates to earn money. If you click a link on our site, we may earn a few dollars.

Founder - Travis Olander

The man behind the keyboard, here. I'm Travis, a military veteran (13F) and writer by day. I started this site because I've been buying and toying with knifes for a little over a decade, and wanted to share my hobby with other blade enthusiasts. Thanks for visiting and reading.

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