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Knife Know-It-All provides detailed, in-depth knife reviews. We put each blade we purchase through real testing, including sharpness and edge retention testing, disassembly, and an honest opinion.

We also write how-to guides for sharpening and maintaining your favorite blades, and technical guides discussing knife steels, comparisons, and other data.

Knife Know-It-All is a one-man show supported by readers like you. To keep the lights on and the blade reviews going, we partner with affiliates to earn money. If you click a link on our site, we may earn a few dollars.

Founder - Travis Olander

I started this site because I've been buying knifes for over a decade. I wanted to share my hobby with other blade enthusiasts. I created this site for the joy of writing about knives. I'm also an SEO Manager. If you have inquiries about marketing, SEO, or other projects, feel free to reach out, or visit travisolander.com

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Latest Articles