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The Guide to Carbides and Knife Steel Elements

Regardless of whether its carbon, stainless, or tool steel, all knife alloys have some (or all) of the following elements in their composition. When...

Knife Steel Composition Charts

Let's compare carbon, tool, and stainless steel. Today, we're also reviewing powdered metals. Let's also see what elements and carbides contribute to a knife blade's performance, and how they work.

The Guide to Knife Edge Thickness

What is the ideal edge thickness for a knife blade? That depends on the blade shape, its intended use, and its grind. Learn what edge thickness (or thinness) is best for common knife types.

Are Ballistic Knives Really Illegal?

Do a search, and you'll find a website that says, "Yes, ballistic knives are illegal to own." End of story, right? Wrong. Just like butterfly knives and auto knives, ballistic knives are legal to own under federal law. Sort of.

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal? (Federal & State Laws)

We've seen a lot of misinformation about the legality of butterfly knives, also known as Balisongs. Other sites have written that Balisongs are illegal in states like Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, and Kansas. These claims are false.

Which Knife Steels Have The Best Edge Retention?

We've proven that edge angle contributes most to edge retention and cutting power. But if all factors were made equal, then which knife steels would provide the best edge retention based on their composites and carbides alone? Find out here, with some detailed testing and data.

The Best Edge Angles for Sharpening Knives

When it comes to edge retention and overall sharpness, edge angle matters more than anything else -- including your blade's type of steel and its hardness rating. Find out which edge angle is best for your type of knife.

Types of Knife Sharpening Stones

Using a whetstone is the best way to sharpen your knife: Stones allow for control and precision when sharpening, providing a razor-like edge with...

What Are Rockwell Ratings? Knife Steel Hardness Compared

The Rockwell Scale measures the hardness of metal alloys. This scale's broken up into different categories: A, B, and C, continuing all the way...

What’s An Automatic Knife? Are They Illegal?

You've probably seen the Italian Stiletto switchblade being wielded by a bad guy in a Hollywood film. The Stiletto is an Automatic Knife, a...

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