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What Are Gravity Knives? Are They Illegal?

Gravity knives offer convenient action and fidgety fun. Learn how these knives work, and whether they're really illegal (they're not... Mostly).

Knife Laws in Florida: What’s Legal? [2024]

Florida has some harsh sentences for violating weapon laws. Learn what knives are legal (and where you can't carry) in the Sunshine state.

Knife Laws in California: What’s Legal? [2024]

This guide covers California's knife laws. Learn what knives are legal (and illegal) in California, if and when you can carry a knife, and more.

Are Ballistic Knives Really Illegal?

Do a search, and you'll find a website that says, "Yes, ballistic knives are illegal to own." End of story, right? Wrong. Just like butterfly knives and auto knives, ballistic knives are legal to own under federal law. Sort of.

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal? (Federal & State Laws)

We've seen a lot of misinformation about the legality of butterfly knives, also known as Balisongs. Other sites have written that Balisongs are illegal in states like Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, and Kansas. These claims are false.

What’s An Automatic Knife? Are They Illegal?

You've probably seen the Italian Stiletto switchblade being wielded by a bad guy in a Hollywood film. The Stiletto is an Automatic Knife, a type of spring-loaded pocket knife that was criminalized by newspapers in the 1950s. Congress even sought to restrict their manufacture and sale with the Federal Switchblade act in 1958. This guide is not legal advice....