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Vosteed Corsair Review & Blade Testing

The Vosteed Corsair steals the show with incredible edge retention and high sharpness. In fact, it beat just about every knife tested before it. Designed by Yue Dong.

CRKT Squid Review & Blade Testing

The CRKT Squid is one of my favorite knives when it comes to look and feel. But it has one of the worst blades I've ever tested. This should not be the case. See why.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Knife: Review & History

I got ahold of a pristine WII-era Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife. Let's look at the legendary Commando Knife up close, and learn about its unique history.

CRKT M16 Review & Blade Testing

CRKT fails to realize Kit Carson's legend with their M16 Tanto: Terrible cutting edge, stiff action, and an uncomfortable handle. See which competing knife I recommend in this review.

Kershaw Leek Review & Blade Testing

The Kershaw Leek is, to date, the sharpest knife I've tested out of the box -- and it's the sharpest after testing. This blade is wild, and the build quality's worth far more than its price.

CRKT CEO Review & Blade Testing

The CRKT CEO is a budget pen knife with an 8CR13MOV blade. At $40 to $60, is it a good entry-level EDC slicer? Do its funky "bamboo" nylon scales make sense? Find out with our review and edge testing.

Gerber Paraframe Review & Sharpness Test

The Paraframe sports a unique 314 stainless blade coated in titanium nitride. Is this surgical alloy too hard for daily cutting? Here's our in-depth review.

CJRB “Ria” Knife Review & Sharpness Test

TL;DR: At $33 to $55, the CJRB Ria isn't enough knife for the price. For such a thin, high grind, its sharpness is mediocre. Its edge dulls too quickly. The presentation is boring. The lock's fitment is poor. Its construction shoots past minimalism and lands on inadequacy. For this price, there are better light-duty folding pocket knives available (like...

Kershaw Link Review & Sharpness Test

The US-made Kershaw Link is a durable and compact cutter. Thanks to its CPM 20CV steel, its cutting edge has some of the best edge retention of all knives we've tested. It's also heavy. Is it worth $80? Find out here.

Air Force Survival Knife: Review & History

It has many names: The "Ontario 499", the "Jet Pilot Survival Knife", the "Air Force Survival Knife". Let's take a look at one of the most famous fixed blades sanctioned by the U.S. Military.