Knife Reviews

CIVIVI Praxis Review & Sharpness Test

The CIVIVI Praxis is the bolder, bigger, shinier brother to the utilitarian Elementum. Does it provide better performance? Find out with our in-depth review and edge test.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Review

If Chris Reeve’s Sebenza is a classic Ferrari, then the Recon 1 is an armored H1 Humvee. Big, brutish, and tough as nails. The Recon 1 will chop, slash, and handle things you probably shouldn’t do with a knife. We’re reviewing the Recon Tanto.

CIVIVI Elementum Review & Sharpness Test

CIVIVI knives are considered "budget" by most. But does this division of the WE Knife Company make a great cutter for $50? We're finding out by reviewing and testing the G10-scaled CIVIVI Elementum, a 3" pocket folder. It's available with a D2 or S35VN drop point blade.

Wicked Edge Sharpener Setup & Review

Wicked Edge says their sharpening systems provide the sharpest edges possible. But they’re also pretty expensive. Are they worth it? We picked up the Wicked Edge "GO" to test its diamond stones out.

The Edge-On-Up Industrial Sharpness Tester Review

There are plenty of ways to test your blade’s. But we wanted to have a way to scientifically measure the sharpness and edge retention of every knife we review. We bought the Edge-On-Up Industrial Edge Tester. Here’s how it works.