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Vosteed Corsair Review & Blade Testing

The Vosteed Corsair steals the show with incredible edge retention and high sharpness. In fact, it beat just about every knife tested before it. Designed by Yue Dong.

Why S35VN is The Most Popular Knife Steel

S35VN steel is arguably the most popular knife steel today -- but why? Take a look at how it performs, and how it's made to defeat conventional alloys.

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel: The Knife Guide

What's the difference between carbon and stainless steel? Is one truly better than the other when it comes to knife blades? Yes. Find out which one's superior in practicality.

CRKT Squid Review & Blade Testing

The CRKT Squid is one of my favorite knives when it comes to look and feel. But it has one of the worst blades I've ever tested. This should not be the case. See why.

Is 7Cr17MoV a Good Knife Steel? (No, Here’s Why)

7Cr17MoV is a Chinese steel meant to mimic 440 series stainless. But this alloy simply isn't a good knife steel. I explain exactly why that is, and what steels I recommend instead.

S30V Steel: Review, Blade Performance & Composition

Developed in 2001, S30V is one of the first CPM steels to see widespread adoption by knifemakers. We're reviewing why this powdered steel is still one of the best blade steels today.